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Apples, Postharvest

Featured stories about apples, postharvest appear in this issue.

Lofty goals

October 1st, 2010|0 Comments

Andrew and Monica Martinez are the drivers behind the Martinez and Martinez Winery. Martinez and Martinez Winery was launched in the summer of 2008 at

Last Bite – Exponential growth

October 1st, 2010|0 Comments

Capitalizing on Native American images to sell fruit, Skookum and Yum-Yum labels were developed in competing regions of Washington State. After large-scale irrigation systems and

Totally RED

October 1st, 2010|0 Comments

Because the red pigments are antioxidants, red-fleshed apples do not turn brown when sliced. Swiss nursery owner and fruit breeder Markus Kobelt hit the headlines

Future Fruit Growers of Lake Ontario

October 1st, 2010|0 Comments

The Young Grower Alliance organized this get-together with those from “the old generation” to discuss the orderly transition of ownership and management. The Young Grower

In the Box

October 1st, 2010|0 Comments

Dear Good Fruit Grower: Can sweet cherries be grown in USDA climate zone 4—successfully? I live 20 miles north of Minneapolis in Minnesota. In the

Good Job

October 1st, 2010|0 Comments

Oregon State University hires research assistant Preston Brown has been appointed research assistant at OSU’s Mid-Columbia Agricultural Research and Extension Center at Hood River. He