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Featured stories about pears appear in this issue.

Breeding pears

September 1st, 2006|0 Comments

Pear breeder Richard Bell (right) and horticulturist Ralph Scorza are pictured in 1999 while researching the effects of dwarfing genes on the growth of Bosc

B.C. growers hope for higher prices

September 1st, 2006|0 Comments

Joe Sardinha Despite hail that pounded Okanagan growers in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley in Canada this summer, most apples reaching markets are likely to be

China asks to export sand pears

September 1st, 2006|0 Comments

Last spring, the Chinese government requested access to the U.S. market for its sand pear (Pyrus pyrifolia), which is the Japanese Nashi Asian pear. U.S.

Processed pear prices set

September 1st, 2006|0 Comments

The Washington-Oregon Canning Pear Association has announced a price agreement with three Pacific Northwest processors for 2006-crop processing pears. The three cash-buying processors (Truitt Brothers,