The Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission has completed its 2015 trial to evaluate pesticide and fungicide residues on apples. No residues were found that exceeded any maximum residue level (MRL) for a major export market for Washington apples.

The commission began the annual studies in apples and cherries in 2011 in response to industry concerns about complying with MRLs for pesticides in export markets. Residues are compared with the U.S. and the lowest export market MRLs to help Washington growers make more informed choices about their spray programs.

The 2015 study, conducted in a Gala apple orchard, evaluated 14 insecticides/acaricides and nine fungicides commonly used in Washington apple orchards, including several newly registered materials. It also evaluated the potential influence of overhead cooling and the sunburn protectants Raynox and Eclipse on the persistence of residues.

Results of the new study as well as previous studies on apple and cherry can be found at