The Washington Growers League will hold its 2015 Annual Meeting and Labor Conference on Thursday, January 22 from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Yakima Convention Center

“The 2015 Washington Growers League Annual Meeting and Labor Conference brings the best experts to address the biggest labor issues facing agricultural employers in 2015,” said Richard Halvorson, President of the Washington Growers League (WGL). The conference presentations are designed for owners, operators, managers, office staff and supervisors in Washington’s labor-intensive agriculture.  The presenters will deliver information and answer employer questions ranging from the most basic to the highest level.

The topics of the 2015 WGL Annual Meeting and Labor Conference are:

  • New WSDA pesticide training initiatives
  • Pesticide drift: Prevention, practice and technology
  • Making the H-2A program work for Washington farms
  • What the WGL housing program offers growers
  • The major political and regulatory issues facing agricultural employers
  • Managing today’s big immigration issues: The Executive Order and avoiding liability when employees ask for employment documentation.
  • Managing workers’ compensation insurance claims: Managing time loss claims; experience rating and the Retrospective Rating Program; plus Q&A on workers’ compensation insurance.

Staff from Washington farms and packing houses who would benefit from management-level information and discussion are encouraged to attend.  The cost is $70 for league members and $120 for non members.

Register online at: