wsda logoThe Washington State Department of Agriculture is looking for participants for their vineyard survey.

These commodity-based surveys help provide early detection of exotic and invasive pests and diseases.

The year, WSDA is looking for grape pests and diseases, specifically light brown apple moth, European grapevine moth, European grape berry moth, summer fruit tortrix, grape phylloxera, Australian grapevine yellows, flavescence doree, Rotbrenner/red fire disease, and Pierce’s disease.

Testing is conducted not because the diseases are present in Washington, but as a way to stay ahead of the establishment of potential invasive pests and diseases.

If you volunteer, all trapping supplies and leaf sampliing (and results) will be free and you will be notified if anything is found in your vineyard.

To volunteer, fill out a questionnaire at https:/

You will be contacted directly by the WSDA to arrange for the first trapping visit to your property.