The 2022 Michigan State University Controlled Atmosphere Storage Clinic will be held at Boulder Creek Golf Club in Belmont, Michigan, on Aug. 10 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m.

The CA clinic is held every other year to share new information related to controlled atmosphere storage and warehousing of apples and other temperate fruit. Researchers, industry spokespersons, technical experts and packing house and storage operators will learn about the most recent scientific findings and related practical developments in the field of CA and refrigerated storage, according to MSU postharvest physiologist Randy Beaudry.

Topics include:

—Harvest timing, climate change, fruit maturity and storability.

—Dealing with excess field heat in storage.

—Dynamic CA storage.

—Long-term storage of Gala.

—Concerns about Ambrosia storage.

—Factors affecting the release kinetics of 1-MCP in self applications.

—Use of low concentrations of 1-MCP over long-term exposures for apple.

—Listeria survival in the storage environment.

—Update on the Michigan listeria survey.

—Bitter pit control pre- and postharvest.

—Fruit color dynamics.

—New starch charts for Michigan apples.

—MSU in-field sorting project.

—Robotic harvesting of apples.

Corporate sponsors will also provide updates on their products. Attendance, lunch and morning and afternoon coffee will be provided free of charge.

To attend, email Amy Irish-Brown at: or text: 616-490-1079.

by Matt Milkovich