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Special Focus: California

Featured stories about California appear in this issue.

First Bite

February 1st, 2007|0 Comments

California, with its moderate climate and water availability, has long been the fruit bowl of America, producing nearly all types of fruits imaginable. The Golden

California FOCUS

February 1st, 2007|2 Comments

California’s tree fruit industry, like other growing regions, has experienced a multitude of challenges in recent years, including smaller crops caused by wet weather and

Pedestrian orchards studied

February 1st, 2007|0 Comments

Pedestrian orchards offer potentially significant savings in labor costs for California’s stone fruit growers, but industry officials have never evaluated the orchard systems for feasibility

Similkameen leads in organic practices

February 1st, 2007|0 Comments

The Sterile Insect Release program has helped them achieve organic production, say Sally and Wilfrid Mennell. British Columbia’s Similkameen Valley touts itself as “the organic

Last Bite

February 1st, 2007|0 Comments

Rumor has it there is also a Stars label although no one remembers seeing one.  Lloyd Garretson was one of the founding partners of the

Impact on Trade

February 1st, 2007|0 Comments

 China’s consumption of apples and apple products exceeded 30 pounds per person in 2004 compared to U.S. consumption of 40 to 50 pounds per person

In my view

February 1st, 2007|0 Comments

Recently, the newspaper carried an Associated Press story covering top concerns aired by Washington State potato growers and processors as they peered into the crystal