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Control of Diseases & Disorders

Featured stories about diseases and disorders appear in this issue.

The Spoils of Winter

February 15th, 2007|0 Comments

From November through February, icy winter winds reach down from the Arctic and grip the Pacific Northwest where Good Fruit Grower is based. During the

Mildew develops resistance

February 15th, 2007|0 Comments

Cherry powdery mildew is developing resistance to common fungicides in some Pacific Northwest orchards, according to preliminary data from Oregon State University. Powdery mildew isolates

Apple Matters

February 15th, 2007|0 Comments

With almost two months of 2007 behind us, there is still room to peer into the crystal ball at the challenges and opportunities that the

Sweet potential

February 15th, 2007|0 Comments

Despite a less than stellar sweet cherry season last year, marketers are optimistic about the coming crop and expect retailer enthusiasm to return as long

Beware of grapevine yellows

February 15th, 2007|0 Comments

Wine grapes infected by Flavescence dorée, showing brown, shrivelled fruits. The discovery of the disease Bois noir in a South Okanagan vineyard late in 2006