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Wine Institute role clarified

February 1st, 2008|0 Comments

The Washington Wine Institute, the industry's advocacy arm, has undergone major changes in the last few months. The institute is now administered separately from the

Research successes

February 1st, 2008|0 Comments

Visiting scientist from Australia Jason Smith, left, and Washington State University's Markus Keller test a pressure vessel for grapevine roots. A number of benefits to

Funding shortfall

February 1st, 2008|0 Comments

The Washington State wine industry continues to grow while funds supporting viticulture and enology research dwindle, creating a widening research gap. In recent years, about

Research history

February 1st, 2008|0 Comments

1960s—Grape and wine research begins in Washington, led by Washington State University researchers Drs. Walter Clore and Chas Nagel. 1981—Legislation passed designating ¼ cent per

Vashon's fruit-growing revival

February 1st, 2008|0 Comments

In the latter 1800s, before eastern Washington emerged as the state's primary agricultural area, and before railroads and highways linked its abundance of food to

Institute tackles legislative issues

February 1st, 2008|0 Comments

Many issues face the Washington wine industry, said Jean Leonard, executive director of the Washington Wine Institute in Olympia, and several key issues are on

Last Bite

February 1st, 2008|1 Comment

Congdon Orchards is one of the oldest continuously operating fruit ranches in the state of Washington. Located in the Yakima Valley, the company can trace

Good Point

February 1st, 2008|0 Comments

As the second largest wine-grape-growing area in the country, we're often proud to point out our accomplishments in terms of growth. In a decade, we've

Apple Lines

February 1st, 2008|0 Comments

India is a country of enormous ethnic, linguistic, and cultural diversity. Its landmass is roughly one-third the size of the United States, it has a

Rare varieties gain ground

February 1st, 2008|0 Comments

Counoise grapes, from Tablas Creek Vineyard Every profession has its rebels, and grape growers are no exception. Look at Dean Morrison, for example. He and

Good Question

February 1st, 2008|0 Comments

Washington State, with new production areas still being discovered, is younger than most other wine regions. Production has shifted from white to red varieties, a

First Bite

February 1st, 2008|0 Comments

When I first began writing for Good Fruit Grower in 1995, my beat of coverage was stone fruit and Washington State's grape industry. With my

Good prospects for fresh-cut pears

February 1st, 2008|0 Comments

Foodservice buyers are interested in fresh-sliced pears if consistent quality can be assured. Convenience is king in America today. Time-strapped shoppers want things fast, easy,