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Row orientation

February 1st, 2009|0 Comments

The Washington wine industry is in the process of learning about row orientation and matching aspect with variety. Sunburned fruit can be a problem in

A talk with Allen Shoup

February 1st, 2009|0 Comments

For 17 years, as chief executive officer of Chateau Ste. Michelle, Allen Shoup was at the forefront of the Washington wine industry. During his tenure,

Latino program shines

February 1st, 2009|0 Comments

Now in its third year, the Latino Agriculture Education Program, designed for vineyard field workers, has developed into a successful educational program. Enrollment for each

Labor costs will rise

February 1st, 2009|0 Comments

Growers need to prepare for increased costs as well as lower returns, Yakima, Washington orchardist Dave Allan warned during the Washington State Horticultural Association's convention.

Juice maker touts local, natural

February 1st, 2009|0 Comments

Squeezing into the competitive juice market has meant playing a background role for a low-profile British Columbia orchardist with a growing processing business. Markus Keller

Good Point – Vicki Scharlau

February 1st, 2009|0 Comments

Producers of Washington wines, at all price points, are feeling the impact of consumer demand for green or sustainable products. While few consumers have an

Last Bite – The Guinan Story

February 1st, 2009|0 Comments

Both Guinan labels are rare. I can no longer recall exactly how many fruit box label articles Good Fruit Grower has published since the Yakima

Good Point – Chris Schlect

February 1st, 2009|0 Comments

Two hundred years ago, Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky. As he grew to young adulthood, his impoverished family often picked up and moved—farming all

To farm or not to farm?

February 1st, 2009|0 Comments

Apple growers Marc and Madeleine van Roechoudt are working on a succession plan for Madeleine to eventually take over running the orchard. Orchardist Roger Bailey