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Deadly combination

February 15th, 2009|0 Comments

Though several species of the grape mealybug complex have been found to transmit grapevine leafroll virus, it's the vine mealybug that is most feared. Compared

Powdery mildew

February 15th, 2009|0 Comments

Cherry growers soon will be able to have powdery mildew alerts delivered through their cell phones, says the director of Washington State University's AgWeatherNet. The

B.C. orchardists reach out

February 15th, 2009|0 Comments

At a time when fruit growers in British Columbia, Canada, were feeling the pinch of a sinking economy, they reached out to help needy people

Disease potential

February 15th, 2009|0 Comments

This cluster was infected with downy mildew about two weeks before bloom. Washington growers would likely see this type of infection from rain early in

Good Stuff

February 15th, 2009|0 Comments

Low-profile cab Blueline Equipment Company of Moxee, Washington, has developed a low-profile cab designed specifically to fit on Kubota tractor models M8540 and M7040N, which

Look out for leafroll

February 15th, 2009|0 Comments

Grapevine leafroll virus, able to spread through vineyards from infected propagation material, vectors, human activity, and root grafting, is a growing problem in Washington State.

Last Bite – The Guinan Story

February 15th, 2009|0 Comments

Rainier Fruit Company exists today as the marketing arm of Zirkle Fruit Company. Lyman Bunting was a 13-year-old orphan in 1904 when he arrived in

Controlling pear scald

February 15th, 2009|0 Comments

Kristi Deschuytter is working to find new scald A popular ripening inhibitor used on apples can control superficial scald in pears, but getting the pears