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New York

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New York apple industry by numbers

January 1st, 2006|0 Comments

  Rank in apple producing states2 Number of apple growers700 Acres of apples45,000 Average crop, in bushels25 million Record 2004 crop, in bushels30 million 2004

New York fresh!

January 1st, 2006|0 Comments

New York State's tree fruit industry, with its volume and history tied to processing, is in transition, moving more toward the fresh market every year.

Apple vodka?

January 1st, 2006|0 Comments

Beak and Skiff Apple Farms is not one for standing still. A distillery is being considered as their next venture.The Lafayette, New York, family farm

Shift to red grapes continues

January 1st, 2006|0 Comments

The trend towards producing more red wine grape varieties continues, with production today of white varieties only slightly higher than reds. Fifteen years ago, production

Cherries not the only product targeted

January 1st, 2006|0 Comments

Although the U.S. Food and Drug Administration letters targeted producers of cherry products, the warnings weren't limited to health claims about cherries. TPG Enterprises of

B.C. growers face price slump

January 1st, 2006|0 Comments

British Columbia apple growers are nervous about Washington State's tremendous production capacity. Washington's apple crop is down slightly this season at an estimated 95 million

Belle de Boskoop

January 1st, 2006|0 Comments

Above, apple desserts, from left: a Hyslop crab apple tart; candied walnuts with caramel sauce and slices of dried Chisel Jersey; and Belle de

Passion doesn't always mean profit

January 1st, 2006|0 Comments

Too often, entrepreneurial-minded growers love the idea of their farm business more than actually running the business, says Bev Connell, principal of Nova Scotia-based ProAgri