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Featured stories about horticulture appear in this issue.


January 15th, 2006|0 Comments

Denny Hayden's constant use of the word "quality" either makes one leery or desirous of hearing more, much more. Denny has obviously and consciously chosen

The pear orchard of the future

January 15th, 2006|0 Comments

The cost and availability of labor will have a large impact on the fruit industry, Jason Matson of Matson Fruit Company, Selah, Washington, predicts, and

Consolidation worries wineries

January 15th, 2006|0 Comments

The shrinking number of wine distributors across the United States is troubling to wineries large and small. As the volume of wine production in Washington

Eastern marketing cooperative

January 15th, 2006|0 Comments

George Lamont identified the East Coast marketing cooperative known as Premier Apple Cooperative, Inc., as a key to helping the industry survive in an era