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Pest Control

Featured stories about pest control appear in this issue.

EPA offers help to growers

March 1st, 2006|0 Comments

Sandra Halstead, Agriculture Initiative specialist, oversees a grants program that not only helps growers meet EPA regulations, but gives them a voice in the

Apple attractant not found yet

March 1st, 2006|0 Comments

Researchers have been unable to duplicate whatever it is in apples that attracts codling moths. Dr. Peter Landolt, research leader at the U.S. Department of

Small made no small contribution

March 1st, 2006|0 Comments

Orchardist Jim Small of Entiat, Washington, was honored for serving 28 years on the board of the Washington Growers Clearing House Association. Small, who retired

Letters to the editor

March 1st, 2006|0 Comments

CRISP & COLDThe February 1, 2006, Good Fruit Grower made history. The revolutionary trends in niche variety, and other apple growing are challenging and sudden.

In Our View

March 1st, 2006|0 Comments

Since the federal court decision in March 2003, the Washington Apple Commission has gone through some dramatic changes. The decision of District Court Judge Edward

More pears expected from Argentina

March 1st, 2006|0 Comments

The fruit importer Oppenheimer Group of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, expects to bring more pears into the United States from Argentina this season because the

Lodi rules

March 1st, 2006|0 Comments

Crimson clover and alyssum are used as cover crops in this Lodi-Woodbridge vineyard. (Photo courtesy of Lodi-Woodbridge Winegrape Commission) Frustrated by low returns

Ballot shows support for SIR program

March 1st, 2006|0 Comments

British Columbia fruit growers have voted to continue their support for the Canadian province’s innovative but costly codling moth control program. Of 435 eligible ballots