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What causes shrivel?

November 1st, 2007|0 Comments

Researchers in British Columbia aren't shrinking from the study of berry shrivel, a disease that's been growing in significance in the Canadian province in recent

Wine pioneer looks forward

November 1st, 2007|0 Comments

After 30 years in the Washington wine industry, Rob Griffin is finally putting down roots. Griffin started making wines at Preston Vineyards in 1977. He

Plain Talk About Lenticel Breakdown

November 1st, 2007|0 Comments

Left: Gala is most susceptible to lenticel breakdo wn. Mild cases resemble chemical burn, and lenticels turn black. Right: In more severe cases, like the

60 Years of Fruitful Service

November 1st, 2007|0 Comments

Mike Willett is on the phone providing background on a pest of possible quarantine concern to U.S. Department of Agriculture negotiators in Washington, D.C. These

Impact on Trade

November 1st, 2007|0 Comments

Agricultural exports are at record --levels. Wheat and milk prices have spiked due to international demand for our now less expensive products. The prices of