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Apples, Postharvest

Featured stories about apples, post harvest appear in this issue.

Improving Fruit Sorting Accuracy

October 1st, 2007|0 Comments

International fruit markets often demand high quality packing criteria that need to be carefully communicated to packing shed employees. Crew workers can help improve the

Nonchemical scald control

October 1st, 2007|0 Comments

An Italian researcher is experimenting with a nonchemical method to prevent scald developing in stored apples, and has tested it successfully in some commercial packing

EQIP sign-up for incentives

October 1st, 2007|0 Comments

The Natural Resources Conservation Service serving central Washington has announced the 2008 sign-up for the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) and will accept applications through

Don't depend on degree days

October 1st, 2007|0 Comments

Counting degree days may be a useful exercise when selecting a vineyard location, but it's less profitable when you're trying to figure out when to

N. Hemisphere Apple Outlook

October 1st, 2007|0 Comments

It's clear that Washington State doesn't stand alone in determining supply, demand, and pricing in the world apple marketplace. Eastern U.S. producers, European Union countries,