June 2012 Issue


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New sports of popular apples—especially if they’re redder—always attract plenty of ­attention from growers.

So, you can [...]

Saving resources

By |June 1st, 2012|

Rod Grams obtained EQIP funding to upgrade his irrigation system, and is now using less water and fertilizer in [...]

In the Box

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Now available online at www.goodfruit.com/Good-Fruit-Grower/April-15th-2012/ Get-the-most-out-of-glyphosate/

Why so BIG?
Dear Good Fruit Grower:

I own and operate a small orchard business. [...]

More predictability with MCP needed

By |June 1st, 2012|

Jake Gutzwiler said pear packers need to be able to use MCP accurately, effectively, and efficiently.

Fruit packers in Washington [...]

MCP results influenced by temperature

By |June 1st, 2012|

Jim Mattheis

Many factors influence how SmartFresh (1-methylcyclopropene) works, which means that there are several potential tools that packers can [...]

Succession of cherries

By |June 1st, 2012|

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s fruit breeding program at Summerland, British Columbia, is expected to release a new cherry variety [...]

What is known about MCP

By |June 1st, 2012|

More is known about treating Bartlett pears than d’Anjous, Bosc, or other varieties, says ­Welcome Sauer, president of AgroFresh, [...]

Grower patents new variety

By |June 1st, 2012|

Twenty-five years after starting an innocent project planting apple seeds from pomace left after cider making, Doug ­Shefelbine is [...]

World awaits B.C. cherries

By |June 1st, 2012|

High quality, self-fertile cherry varieties developed in British Columbia, Canada, have become standards in the international cherry industry.

British Columbia’s [...]

Good to Know–Assessing new cherry varieties

By |June 1st, 2012|

As with much of the Pacific Northwest, the 2011 Oregon cherry harvest was far from ideal. A significant rain [...]