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Featured stories about marketing, apples, and industry appear in this issue.

Lodi Rules

  • December 1st, 2007

Years after the Lange family’s Gil Creek restoration project, which transformed a barren riparian area into a lake overflowing with fish, fowl, and other [...]

  • Hypoallergenic apples

Hypoallergenic apples

Dutch researchers believe Santana, a hypoallergenic apple variety that’s finding an outlet in some of the Netherlands’s leading super–markets, may help orchardists reduce their [...]

  • Fast forward

Fast forward

  • December 1st, 2007

Dr. David Barrett (standing) is pictured with Florida grower Robert Dubrosky. Dr. David Barrett, professor at Franklin W. Olin College [...]

  • Wake-up call for virus users

Wake-up call for virus users

  • December 1st, 2007

Within a few days, an infected larva stops feeding, becomes sluggish, and discolors as its internal organs fill with virus. [...]

  • Understanding sustainability

Understanding sustainability

  • December 1st, 2007

Warren Morgan, looking for a way to grow his own fertilizer in the orchard, is experimenting with a side-discharge mower to [...]

How to be competitive

  • December 1st, 2007

What does it take to be a competitive grower? All will be revealed at a Washington State University Extension Fruit School on Competitive Orchard [...]

  • A star is born

A star is born

  • December 1st, 2007

The idea of making a movie about the life of Grady Auvil was hatched three years ago after Jamie [...]

Apple rate increase goes to a vote

  • December 1st, 2007

The decision to increase Washington Apple Commission assessments by up to a penny per 40-pound box is now before the state’s apple growers. Ballots, [...]

End of an era

  • December 1st, 2007

Citing philosophical differences, Mark Holtzinger, on November 30, left the company that his grandfather started almost 100 years ago, and where he was involved [...]

Good Point

  • December 1st, 2007

It has never been more important that our U.S. apple industry have strong representation in both Washington State and Washington, D.C., where both domestic [...]

Robots are getting closer

  • December 1st, 2007

A robotic apple picking system is beginning to take shape. Scientists from Vision Robotics Corporation of San Diego, California, were in Washington State [...]

Building industry muscle

  • December 1st, 2007

Mark Holtzinger steps into the top leadership position of a statewide tree fruit organization at a time when growers and packers are happy with [...]

In My View

  • December 1st, 2007

This fall, Washington State’s apple and pear crops came in short. Spot labor shortages were reported throughout the season and throughout the state, but [...]

  • Winery hosts events year round

Winery hosts events year round

  • December 1st, 2007

Winners of the grape-stomping contest at Willamette Valley Vineyards go on to the world championship in California. There’s more to [...]

Alternative yet to be approved

  • December 1st, 2007

Industry adoption of a controlled atmosphere and temperature treatment to replace postharvest methyl bromide fumigation faces commercialization hurdles as well as approval barriers by [...]

  • Organic in Oregon

Organic in Oregon

  • December 1st, 2007

Brother and sister Alex and Alison Sokol Blosser are both vice presidents in the family business, with Alex managing the vineyard and [...]

Good Question

  • December 1st, 2007

We asked a number of growers across the nation to name the biggest challenge they face in the coming year and offer their solutions. [...]

  • Eco-friendly winery

Eco-friendly winery

  • December 1st, 2007

Brad Lange, left, and Aaron Lange stand at the crushing station of LangeTwins Winery. The new LangeTwins Winery, which opened [...]

Replacing methyl bromide

  • December 1st, 2007

A new soil fumigant was recently registered—the first new registration since methyl bromide was classified as an ozone-depleting substance and phased out. On the [...]

  • Reverting to the wild side

Reverting to the wild side

  • December 1st, 2007

Once a winter-run creek, the Lange family returned the Gil Creek riparian area back to its native state. Before their restoration efforts, [...]

  • Gee Whiz

Gee Whiz

  • December 1st, 2007

Jamie Howell works on the “Gee Whiz” soundtrack. Filmmakers Jamie Howell and Jeff Ostenson never met Grady Auvil, yet [...]

  • Robotic pruner for grapes

Robotic pruner for grapes

  • December 1st, 2007

Image of a two-row robotic grape pruner under development by Vision Robotics. The same company working to develop robotic [...]

  • Pink stink

Pink stink

  • December 1st, 2007

Many Washington apple producers are using the option of selling Cripps Pink apples without using the Pink Lady brand [...]