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Earthly endeavors

A good orchard begins with good earth. And in orchard country, it’s quite a sight to see a new orchard take shape, with young trees planted in vast fields ready to nourish the hopes of fruitful harvests in the years to come.

And this month, we have a complementary pair [...]

Plum lucky—twice

We love blossoms here at Good Fruit Grower, and this month we are fortunate to feature two wonderful photographs of unfurling blooms on our March covers.

Our March 1st issue features Ernie Duncan’s shot of plum blossoms glistening with droplets from a fresh sprinkling against the gorgeous blue sky of [...]

DeVaney: Why telling our story matters

By Jon DeVaney

While not yet ratified, an agreement on a new contract for West Coast port workers has been reached, ending four months of work slow-downs and temporary closures that have severely harmed our industry and the entire U.S. economy. While an agreement is welcome news, the damage has already [...]

Fryhover: USDA’s Arctic apple decision means differentiation and education will be imperative

The recent approval by USDA of the Arctic apple brands wasn’t unforeseen by our industry. We have been preparing for months knowing that approval was coming.

Washington and other U.S. apple-producing states have provided comments and concerns to USDA during the evaluation process, but clearly marketing plays no role with [...]

Schlect: A cold Arctic blast

● USDA announced last Friday its deregulation of a Canadian firm’s–Okanagan Specialty Fruits, Inc.–two varieties (Granny Smith and Golden) of GMO apples, one day in advance of a three-day weekend. This is not unusual timing for controversial announcements by federal agencies. It almost guarantees a muted response in the [...]

Corr: Was USDA’s GMO decision a black cat crossing America’s orchards?

To hear some critics tell it, the government’s decision Friday the 13th to deregulate a GMO apple was bad luck for growers and consumers. You could almost see the black cat crossing America’s orchards.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture said it would deregulate two apple varieties genetically engineered to resist [...]

Twilight and sunset

We always tend to hear nice things about our covers, but this month’s two selections have brought quite a number of well-deserved compliments.

Selah, Washington, artist Rob Blackaby’s “Wine Country Twilight,” which we displayed on our February 1 issue, is a brilliant depiction of the vineyards that grace the Yakima [...]

Schlect: State of the Union

● The Foreign Agricultural Service has long been viewed as an elite arm of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, staffed with talented, aggressive trade negotiators and export marketing experts. Employee morale once seemed high to me and many others who work with this agency. Over the past several years, [...]

Making peace with pears

Being in a packing house at the height of harvest always amazes me. I am fascinated at all the interconnected pieces that take the fruit from bin to box, each step a delicate dance of gears and conveyers and people moving in unison to the constant hum of the [...]

A prize pick!

We asked 4-year-old Ciara Mullinax to pull a name from the hundreds of readers who entered our drawing for an Apple iPad during the recent Washington Hort Show. Ciara drew the name of Steve Paganelli of Taylor Orchards of Mattawa, Washington.  Ciara is the daughter of our Digital Producer, [...]