A venture capital fund and technology incubator hopes to resurrect the apple harvesting robot formerly known as Abundant Robotics under a new startup named Abundant Robots that’s seeking to raise $20 million via equity crowdfunding.

According to a news release from Wavemaker Labs — a company that helps launch tech startups in ventures as diverse as autonomous lawn mowers, burger flipping and bubble tea-making robots, and now apple harvesters — the new debut of Abundant Robots to investors comes just weeks after the company purchased the intellectual property from Abundant Robotics, which declared bankruptcy last fall.

“Coupling Abundant Robots’ robotic manipulation and vacuum-based picking capabilities with Wavemaker Labs’ decade-long expertise in developing and scaling technology companies will take the brand to the next level and bring its machine to market at a more accessible price point,” the company said in the press release.

The apple harvester joins Wavemaker’s ag tech portfolio, which includes Future Acres, the startup that developed Carry, a robotic cart used, so far, for table grape harvest.

Information available on Abundant Robots’ website focuses on making the pitch to investors, not growers. The company is raising capital via a crowdfunding website owned by Wavemaker Labs, and it allows anyone interested to invest in this “initial seed round,” not just accredited investors. The capital raised will be used to bring on a management team, ramp up research and development, and launch the business, according to the news release.  

More information about the new company is available at: abundantrobots.com.

by Kate Prengaman