Tree fruit producers and industry professionals are invited to five WSU Tree Fruit Extension Programs in North Central Washington on Jan. 16, 17, 18, 19 and Feb. 7.

wsu logoCo-sponsored by the Washington State Fruit Comission, Pear Bureau Northwest, North Central Washington Fieldmen’s Association and the Okanogan Horticultural Association, these events provide the latest research based information on horticulture, pest and disease management. Pesticide update credits will be awarded for program attendance.

Chelan Horticultural Meeting, Jan. 16, Chelan High School. Co-sponsored by WSU Extension and Chelan High School.

Topics include tips for successful grafting; economic considerations for orchard renewal; a soil quality survey of Central Washington; brown marmorated stink bug; best practices for weed management; psylla and mite IPM; sunburn control and more .

North Central Washington Stone Fruit Day, Jan. 17, Wenatchee Convention Center. Co-Sponsored by WSU Extension and the Washington State Fruit Commission.

Topics include detecting and managing little cherry disease; cherry powdery mildew; cherry horticultural update and more.

North Central Washington Pear Day, Jan. 18, Wenatchee Convention Center. Co-sponsored by WSU Extension and Pear Bureau Northwest.

Topics include integrated management of pear psylla and mites; fire blight management; irrigation water sensors that work and more.

North Central Washington Apple Day, Jan. 19, Wenatchee Convention Center. Co-sponsored by WSU Extension and North Central Washington Fieldmen’s Association.

Topics include mechanization in apples; choosing the right Geneva rootstock; sunburn management; brown marmorated stink bug; fire blight; managing post harvest diseases of apples in the field; coddling moth trap counts, timing and what it means.

Okanogan Horticultural Association Meeting, Feb. 7, Okanogan County Agriplex, Omak. Co-Sponsored by WSU Extension and Okanogan County Horticultural Association.

Topics include matching your rootstock to your site and your system; choosing a training and pruning system for medium to high density plantings; sunburn management; coddling moth; minor pests; managing post harvest disease in the field; Retain & Harvista.

Visit for agendas and event information.