December 2016 Issue

Industry groups lend plenty of opportunities for growers to get involved

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In Washington’s tree fruit industry, three state commissions, four federal marketing orders, numerous nonprofit associations and a few advisory committees

Finding the right people

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Orchards and packing houses aren’t the only places in the fruit industry with a labor shortage. Universities also are struggling to hire researchers and educators needed to keep the industry ahead of pest pressures, prepared for food safety requirements, growing new varieties and in tune with emerging technology.

B.C. pest management strategies build on deep roots

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Traps throughout Fred Steele’s orchard in Kelowna are the first line of defense against a horde of new pests that growers in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley face.

Coastal California apple growers hold on through relationship with Martinelli’s

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Noah Gizdich walks through the north part of the family ranch in Watsonville, California, where the family has planted