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Growers advised to prune crab apples (VIDEOS)

Dealing with Manchurian crab apple postharvest storage diseases

Behind the scenes with our labor issue cover

On the cover of the May 1, 2014, issue about labor, Fidalina Lleneas is pictured emptying a bucket of Sweetheart cherries into a bin at a Zirkle Fruit Company ranch west of Yakima, Washington.

At the bottom of the bucket, you can see her picker i.d. tag which will be [...]

Soils cover leads with Honeycrisp trellis system

On our April 15, 2014 issue cover, Raul Santana plants the last three trees at the end of every row of a new Honeycrisp orchard near the city of Yakima, Washington.

Owner Taylor Orchards used a GPS-aided planting system to do the main work, followed by the installation of underground [...]

Schlect: Quiet flows the Potomac

● Jim Bair, the new leader of the United States Apple Association, will be making his first trip to the apple industry of Washington State the week of April 28.  I will be accompanying him on his three-day visit to the fruit production areas of Yakima, Wenatchee, and Chelan.

● The [...]

Our latest cover carries Northwest canal

This canal clinging to the side of Tieton River Canyon looks like a canal from the past. Indeed, it may be quite old. The Bureau of Reclamation approved construction of the Yakima-Tieton Project in 1906.

The 12-mile long Tieton Main Canal, including five tunnels, would eventually deliver irrigation water to [...]

Schlect: Immigration reform and dried cherries to the rescue

● Democrats are attempting this week to underscore the lack of movement on immigration reform in the House of Representatives by filing a committee discharge petition. If successful, this would get the measure to the House floor for a vote. This attempt has zero chance of practical success, [...]

A cover a quilter will love

The photo of Hood River orchards in bloom that appears on our March 15, 2014 cover is reminiscent of a quilt made up of farms and homes and blossoming trees instead of fabric.

The photographer, David Cobb of Mosier, Oregon, is new to Good Fruit Grower, but another of his [...]

Schlect: The Serbian scallywag

●  Sarah Bittleman, who was the senior agricultural counselor at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,  is now on U.S. Senator Ron Wyden’s staff as legislative director and is also a key legal adviser to the Finance Committee. Senator Wyden (D/Oregon) is the new chairman of Finance.

●  Next Wednesday, I [...]

How we got that stunning March 1 cover

Pest management, the theme for Good Fruit Grower’s March 1 issue, is often a challenge to illustrate.

This year, we were fortunate in that Phil Hull submitted a series of striking photos of an aplomado falcon being flown for bird pest abatement in a Yakima Valley vineyard near Cold Creek [...]

Good Fruit Grower improves service to growers

As the Northwest Tree Fruit Industry races toward 2014, the team at the Washington State Fruit Commission has been racing to meet the new year head on with powerful promotion programs for stone fruit and a new approach to content at WSFC’s flagship grower educational vehicle … Good Fruit [...]