July 2010 Issue

Avoid hazards when choosing cherries to plant

By |July 1st, 2010|

Early Robin has the potential of meeting the demand for an early harvest Rainier-type cherry.

Twenty years ago, fresh cherry [...]

In My View – Chris Schlect

By |July 1st, 2010|

The continued availability of agricultural chemicals used to protect crops from ­harmful pests and diseases is jeopardized from many [...]

Good Point – Kevin Moffitt

By |July 1st, 2010|

A recent study shows how successful the Market Access Program and the Foreign Market Development programs are and can [...]

When are grapes ripe?

By |July 1st, 2010|

The dimpling on these wine grapes is from dehydration, which can occur during extended hang time on the vine. [...]

A direct marketer’s directory of apple varieties

By |July 1st, 2010|

Harvest date*

Crispy, juicy, nice sweet/tart balance, good flavor for an early apple, firm slices

Dandee [...]

Classified ads

By |July 1st, 2010|

WILSON IS THE LEADER in custom bird netting programs for all types of crops. Full line of [...]

Overcoming ripeness challenges

By |July 1st, 2010|

Crews should be instructed to clean out spur congestion, as shown by the pocket knife, during pruning.

With few perfect [...]

Good Job

By |July 1st, 2010|

E.W. Brandt & Sons, Inc., of Parker, Washington, has announced a change in leadership roles for owners and brothers [...]

Getting it ripe

By |July 1st, 2010|

The following viticulture strategies are recommended by Hogue Ranches and Mercer Estates’ Rick ­Hamman to help growers ripen wine [...]


By |July 1st, 2010|

Albert Ravenholt was a visionary. In 1968, he and founding Sagemoor Farms partner Alec Bayless shared a belief that [...]