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gfg-portraits-richardJared Johnson is Design and Production Manager of Good Fruit Grower, overseeing the magazine’s design and layout, providing art direction and quality control, and coordinating art, editorial, and print production.

Jared grew up in southeastern Idaho, where he spent his summers during high school moving irrigation hand-lines in wheat and potato fields. A graduate of Idaho State University, Jared has worked for more than 20 years in journalism at newspapers in Idaho Falls, Idaho, and Wenatchee, Washington.

Jared joined Good Fruit Grower in 2014.

Phone: (509) 853-3513 — Email

My Recent Articles

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Putting Gisela to the test

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MSU researcher studies performance on various training systems, finds insights for future studies.

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Growers facing dilemma over drifting sprays

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Worker housing close to orchards may need to be vacated during pesticide applications, for now.

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Researchers finish final pollen tube model

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After 11 years, pollen tube projects are complete with release of Red Delicious model.

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The good and bad of different rootstocks

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Nursery owner warns growers it’s not as simple as asking which rootstock is the best.

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All aboard the cherry express

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Airborne exports through Sea-Tac help make up for tough domestic year for sweet cherries.

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It’s boom time for organics

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Washington’s organic apple growers adding 10,000 new acres in just a few years.